About Us

A-OX Welding Supply Co. Inc., originally known as Dakota Welding Supply was founded in 1946 in South Dakota. Harold Elliott, the company’s founder, started selling welding supplies and gases after working in a welding garage. In the beginning, he sold supplies out of his truck, and now 69 years later A-OX has grown to include seven stores with a large cylinder stock, a bulk tanker fleet, delivery trucks, and on sight bulk tanks. The company transitioned into the eastern (A-OX Welding Supply) and western (A&B Welding Supply) stores.

In 1972, the flood washed the Rapid City store away and unfortunately Harold was lost with it. Harold’s sons (Donald and Robert Elliott) owned and operated the eastern and western stores after his passing. Then in 2004, Don’s sons Thomas and Michael bought both the A-OX and A & B Welding Supply stores. Now Harold’s grandsons own and manage stores in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Huron, Mitchell, Watertown, Yankton, and Sioux City.

Thomas and Michael are the third generation to run the family business. Since 2004, when Thomas Elliott took the reins of the family business in Sioux Falls, SD he’s made countless moves to ensure its success for the years and perhaps generations to come. Now Thomas’ children, Trenton Elliott, Tiffany Anderson, and Terran Bergdale, are the fourth generation to work at the company. Trenton is the manager of Information Technologies and Logistics, he received his degree at University of South Dakota. Tiffany is the manager of Accounts Receivable and Human Resources and has a degree in Business Administration. Terran is heading up the new Specialty Gas Division after attending South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and receiving her Doctorate in Chemical and Biological Engineering. Tisha Rodgers the oldest daughter, has recently completed 20 years of naval service and retired as a Chief Petty Officer. She is finishing her college education and will return to Sioux Falls in 2016 to work in the family business. Tom’s wife, Linda has worked hard by Tom’s side for the last 32 years and also works at A-OX. The Elliott’s have a good family dynamic that works well for them.

In 2013, A-OX acquired a new property with a 46,000-sq.ft. building accommodating its vision of the future store and warehouse, adding state of the art technology including an automated fill plant for gas production. The new facility has transformed A-OX. Employees are incredibly productive, service has reached new heights and it is poised for a successful future. A-OX is excited about the new directions the company is going and with everyone on board they have added new adventures in business, including ultrasonic cylinder examination, more medical gases, specialty gases for lasers, emissions testing, and robotics just to name a few. After moving to the new building one of A-OX’s goals was to become a producer for PurityPlus Specialty Gases, which we now are. Additionally, A-OX services all the major hospitals in Sioux Falls, which allows them to supply their affiliates across the state of South Dakota and surrounding states. A-OX supplies gases to many industrial companies that make trailers, signs, paper products, windmills, fire trucks and many more every day products.

A-OX has been a proud member of IWDC for years and has had a great relationship. A-OX has 65 employees, the majority of which are from Sioux Falls, SD. A-OX enjoys being a part of each community surrounding its seven stores and takes part in supporting local schools, sports teams and fundraising organizations. It has been a wonderful adventure, and we are looking forward to the growth of our newest division and direction the company is going!