A-OX Welding Supply is committed to providing you with quality specialty gases and specialty gas related equipment along with excellent service. Our customer testimonials explain why you should choose A-OX Welding Supply as your specialty gas and equipment supplier. 


“RTEC (Regional Technical Education Center) is pleased to be an educational partner with A-OX Welding Supply. Their staff is knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. Customer service is a huge plus! In the world of welding education, the way we train our students is based on industry demands. Sometimes those demands change. This is when A-Ox steps up. It’s nice to have an ally like A-Ox on our side, especially when it means satisfying industry training needs.”

- Josh Svatos, President, RTEC

“I was on the phone with Terran this afternoon, and as she was saving my world I realized how great a partner they are. I'd highly recommend having Terran quote out any more business you can. She has been amazing to work with for the Nuke plant. It isn't often when we have people like her working with us on our side. Terran, thanks again for all that you do. You have been awesome to work with. I look forward to keeping our partnership going. Thanks a million!!!!”

- Chris K., Mississippi Welders Supply