Healthcare, Biotech Firms and Research Facilities Count on PurityPlus® for More Than Specialty Gases

In particular Sioux Falls industries, PurityPlus® cryogenic refrigerators and storage dewars are as much sought after from A-OX Welding Supply as the specialty gases we produce.

Of course, the life sciences rely to a large extent on this sort of equipment. They use it principally to safeguard precious biological materials – human tissue, stem cells, bone marrow, cord blood, and so forth. Medical and pharmaceutical labs naturally employ our cryogenic refrigerators and dewars for all sorts of medical research, including the making of vaccines. Then, as you’d expect, there are the blood banks, tissue banks, hospitals, and clinics for whom such equipment is indispensable. Other PurityPlus® cryogenic refrigerator and dewar customers consist of government and university research facilities as well as various biorepositories that specialize in the amassing, processing, inventorying, and dissemination of biological specimens.

PurityPlus® cryogenic refrigerators come in various models and sizes – the better to facilitate long-term storage of liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic matter at the most advantageous temperature. The availability of differing hold times, work times, evaporation rates, and other traits makes it clear there’s a refrigerator for just about any cryogenic need.

Our dewars are constructed with vacuum-layered walls that deliver exceptional thermal insulation and thus considerably reduce the rate at which their contents – either liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic substances – are lost to evaporation.

In addition to these cryogenic equipment, we also supply Sioux Falls life science firms with …

  • a high-quality whisper valve for cryogenic refrigerators and dewars. This appliance installs effortlessly on the vent valve of these containers to quietly alleviate the pressure of the compressed gases they hold. Result? Less container damage and fewer lab disturbances.
  • a selection of gas cylinder manifold choices including those with automatic changeover. These systems enable a continuous flow of gas while automatically changing cylinder or bank priority from the starting source to an ancillary supply with no fluctuation in pressure.

As indispensable as our cryogenic equipment is to healthcare, medicine, and biotechnology, we furnish other Sioux Falls-area industries with these products as well. By way of illustration, the fabrication of high-end metal products often requires the use of cryogenics. Utilities make use of cryogenics too – to cool wires and facilitate the smooth transmission of electric power. In the food industry, cryogenic flash-freezing helps protect food nutrients and texture over a longer shelf life. And cryogenic freezing is imperative in the production of superconductors for, say, MRI machines or use in quantum computing.

Regardless of your field or application, get the preferred cryogenic equipment and gases for it from A-OX Welding Supply, your Sioux Falls PurityPlus® Partner.