Distributor of Specialty Gases in the Mitchell Region

A-OX Welding Supply offers a large selection of PurityPlus specialty gases in Mitchell. If you are searching for specialty gases needed for uses in laboratory research, environmental testing, the medical industry, food and beverage services or any other industry involving specialty gases, A-OX Welding Supply offers the leading specialty gas selection in the Mitchell location and surrounding areas. Our professional grade gases are assured to meet PurityPlus excellency standards. Our gifted group of employees is eager to serve customers with any specialty gas neecesities. A-OX Welding Supply’s specialty gas laboratory is strategically located to best adhere to the specialty gas requests in the Mitchell community. In order to maintain our exemplary quality guidelines, our organization is reviewedyearly by an independent organization. Additonally, the team at A-OX Welding Supply frequently attends educational seminars to insure that A-OX Welding Supply remains exemplary in customer service and quality.

A-OX Welding Supply is proudly included in the dominating network of independent specialty gas producers in North America. Our pure specialty gases are priced reasonably while continuing to maintain domination in quality in hopes of successfully meeting your industry needs. It is our mission to live up to our claim of greatest in customer service by always trying to go beyond customer expectations.

Visit our specialty gas catalog for more information about A-OX Welding Supply and our wide variety of pure specialty gas products in the Mitchell area.

Here at A-OX Welding Supply, we would love to be your trusted specialty gas producer in Mitchell. With any questions or further information requests about A-OX Welding Supply and our products and services, call us at 605-336-1125 or contact us on our website. We are eager to serve you with our exemplary service.